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Our legal firm known as HR Associates . We are currently based in Karachi. We provide commercial and legal advice to a wide range of clients in the financial, corporate, public and private sectors.

We assist our clients in meeting their objectives.

We are fully aware of the ever-changing modern needs of our clients. We are, therefore, constantly trying to upgrade and improve the quality of our service to our clients. We are geared to serve our clients effectively even in the 21st Century. We truly believe in the concept that a law firm would have to be inline technologically to meet the modern needs of their clients. This web site is a clear testimony of our beliefs and modern outlook.

We are staunch believers in providing our services to enhance and protect our clients' needs countrywide. We have the necessary resources to protect and vindicate our clients' rights in just about any federal and local jurisdiction in Pakistan. We are result oriented and our clients value us for the same. Our reputation with our clients for quality service and timely action is second to none.

Company Profile

The firm HR Associates was originally established in Karachi as a solicitor. The firm takes the concept of client attorney privilege seriously and maintains strict confidentiality in all matters. The firm deals with cases at all levels up to the Supreme Court of Pakistan and is governed by the Legal Practitioner & Bar Councils Act, 1973.

The Firm succeeded to and has developed the experience, resources, reputation and clientele of its parent organization in all areas of civil, criminal, commercial and corporate laws. For the last many years, the members of the Firm have been rendering specialized professional services in the said areas to their distinguishable individual and institutional clients. The Firm possesses special expertise in providing legal advisory services to business, corporate and commercial clients. The firm's clients include multinational corporations, Insurance companies, Printing Press, Garment factories, packers, merchants, all levels of government, individuals, small businesses and institutions. The Firm is a progressive organization having utmost commitment to secure for its clients the highest standards of confidentiality, efficiency, quality and professionalism in work The firm strives to provide the highest standard of legal service and to build long term relationships of trust and value. The firm takes the concept of client attorney privilege seriously and maintains strict confidentiality in all matters.

We believe that Solicitors have, thus far, had a fairly narrow view of their role. For us, though, the issue is outcomes. We train hard for our role, then having met with you, we always look first at what you, the client, want to achieve. We then consider if that is achievable, discuss the cost with you and finally put it into practice. We have invested heavily in modern technology. Our accounting, case management and information technology systems have been carefully selected to provide the fullest possible support for our clients. Use of technology makes for competitive fees and rapid response time.

All our staff is familiar with the Internet and with e-mail. We believe that you will not trust us if we are not as open as possible with the costs. Apart from any other consideration everyone needs to maintain a budget. We will give you an estimate in advance, on request, even before you instruct us. You will certainly receive cost advice when you instruct us (whether you ask or not). Some kinds of legal work are impossible to estimate in advance as the amount of work is dependent on the actions of others. For many others, however, a reasonable estimate in advance is possible. Even for those where it is not we can give an hourly rate and a rough estimate of the likely costs.